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Spa services

Discover yourself again; rejuvenate with a body treatment.

Spa Body Treatments:

  • Herbal Wrap — $40, allow 30 mins.
    Benefits: Therapeutic for the mind, body, and spirit. Deep relaxation. As you relax in this wrap, all stress will gently be massaged away from your head neck and shoulders. Herbal wrap in Alpha-Massage Capsule, add $10.

  • Body Polish / Salt Glow — $45, allow 40 mins.
    Benefits: Skin is renewed. An exfoliation treatment for the entire body. This service gently removes accumulated dead skin cells leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized. This service is completed with an application of warm cream scented with your choice of aroma.

  • Body Polish / Salt Glow with Vichy Shower — $60, allow 1 hr.
    Benefits: Skin is renewed, relaxation. After your body is buffed, relax under a soothing horizontal waterfall.

  • Buff & Bronze — $50, allow 50 mins.
    Benefits: Soft skin, and a safe tan. The safe way to a flawless tan. An application of Sun Source is applied after either a body polish or salt glow. Maintain a beautiful sun-kissed appearance all year long. With Vichy Shower, add $15.

  • Buff & Bronze Series — $95.
    Includes 1 buffing & 3 applications of Sun Source.

  • Herbal Body Masque — $85, allow 90 mins.
    Benefits: Deeply relaxes body & mind, detoxifies, reduces stress, softens skin. Your treatment begins with dry brushing; next, an herbal masque is applied to the entire body, and then you are wrapped in a thermal blanket. While you relax, a scalp massage is done followed by a relaxing massage from the Vichy Shower. Includes 15 min. Alpha-Massage.

Slimming & Toning:

  • Moor Mud Therapy — $80, allow 1 hr.
    Benefits: Detoxification, purification, cellulite control, relaxing, leaves skin soft & supple. Moor Mud Therapy is an excellent, natural treatment for detoxification, purification, and cellulite control. Over 1,000 botanicals, combined with organic and inorganic substances, minerals, and natural antibiotics act together to deliver truly unique benefits to your skin. Includes Vichy Shower massage, and 15 min. Alpha-Massage.

Hair Removal:

  • Waxing
    • Eyebrow — From $12.
    • Lip — $8.
    • Chin — $8.
    • Bikini — From $20.
    • Underarm — $15.
    • 1/2 Arm — $15.
    • Full Arm — $25.
    • 1/2 Leg — $25.
    • Full Leg — $50.

  • Threading Hair Removal — From $12.


  • Swedish — $55, allow 1 hr.
    This massage is pure relaxation, and is designed to de-stress the muscles and relax the mind.

  • Sports Massage — $65, allow 1 hr.
    Ideal for the athletic person in all of us. This massage helps relieve and prevent muscle soreness and eases tired joints.

  • Alpha-Massage Health Environment Capsule — $20, per 30 min. session.
    A private escape. You control the environment in this extraordinary capsule: duration, degree of massage, heat, scent, and choice of music. Relaxes, detoxifies, energizes. Aids in repair of fatigued muscles. Excellent for athletes.

  • Healing Touch — $75, allow 1 hr
    This is a process of modulating energies both physical and universal. The practitioner may use a single or a combined technique to work specifically or generally during a session. Decreases stress, pain, swelling, and promotes healing. Reduces blood pressure for cardiac and diabetic patients, boosts the immune system for immuno-suppressed patients, provides relief for asthma, emotional healing.


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