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Discover one of these ancient forms of physical, spiritual, and mental well being:

  • Tai Chi — Tai Chi Chuan "Moving Meditation" is an ancient Chinese system of self-defense, exercise, and dynamic meditation with far-reaching health benefits. Tai Chi Chuan (pronounced: tie jee chwan) is an holistic health method of movement, which combines stillness and motion. The goal is to reach an optimum balance of mind/body to achieve a complete sense of well being. Above all, Tai Chi emphasizes relaxing your body gradually and thoroughly.

  • Yoga — A system of self-transformation that approaches well-being through balancing the vital energies in the body that harmonize all aspects of your life: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. "Discovery Yoga" (rooted in the Kripalu tradition) approaches the practice of yoga in the spirit of exploration, discovery, and spiritual attunement. It also provides the flexibility for each individual to approach the practice of yoga at his or her own level of ability.

  • African Dance — Enhance your physical and spiritual health through the art of traditional African and Caribbean dance.

  • Flamenco — Flamenco is an attitude. It is passionate and sensual. Flamenco gets its roots from the European Gypsies, who used their song and dance to express life’s joys, sorrows, anger, and love. It is an expression of ones' inner self. This is a wonderful way to explore another culture.


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