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Classes Ballet

Ballet classes
Classical Ballet is taught in the Vagonova method. Other styles that will be discussed include Bournonville, Cecchetti, and Balanchine.

Classes focus on ballet technique with meticulous attention to proper alignment, body placement, and seamless transitions:

  • Level I: Ages 3-5 — Focus on introducing Ballet to the young students through basic movement set to classical music. Children are encouraged to express their creativity within the movements.

  • Level II: Ages 6-9 — Focus on expanding the vocabulary of dance. Barre and center work on the main concentrations. Students will begin to connect steps together to dance small combinations and begin to work on basic leaps and pirouettes.

  • Level III: Ages 10-11 — Focus on continued expansion of Ballet vocabulary. Students in this level should begin to build endurance, strength, and flexibility. Basic Ballet steps are mastered and advanced technique is introduced. Graceful movement is stressed and a higher level of discipline is required. Students may be invited to join the pointe class upon instructor’s recommendation.

  • Level IV: Ages 12+ — Focus on perfection of Ballet vocabulary. Longer barre and center combinations are given and some students may be asked to learn classical variations. At this level, the dancer should be considering a professional career in dance and maintain the discipline to attend all classes offered at this level. Pointe class is recommended at this level.


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