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Ralph and Sheri Ramirez
Founders, Ralph and Sheri Ramirez, have been dance and marriage partners since 1989. Ralph, from New York City, and Sheri from Saginaw, Michigan have performed throughout the world together on stage and television.

Some of their stage credits include "Easter Extravaganza" - Radio City Music Hall, New York; "Grand Hotel" - New York; "Peter Maxwell’s Ballroom Dance Theatre" - World Tour and United States Tour; "American Ballroom Theatre" - United States Tour; "Gotta Dance" - Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia, PA; "American Glitz" - Guam. Television credits include: " Sabado Gigante", "Star Search", and "Latin Star Search". Prior to forming their partnership, Ralph competed in the International Latin, winning several titles, and Sheri competed in the American Rhythm.

In 1994, they moved to Jacksonville to start a family. Shortly thereafter, they began to work on their "project" which is now known as Boleros. When asked how the concept of Boleros came about, they will tell you there are many reasons.

The concept of Boleros was born because of their love of partnership dancing, which they want to pass on to their children and generations to follow -- and out of necessity, as they feel people need an escape. Ralph and Sheri said the idea was actually conceived while they were doing a show in Guam in 1989 at a gorgeous facility called the Sandcastle. They were so impressed by the grandeur of the place they thought one day they would like to create a place just as grand for Ballroom dancing. With that thought in mind, as time went on, the concept evolved until it included relaxation and rejuvenation as well.

They thought of their idea as sort of a step back in time but with a modern-day twist. So once they were settled in Jacksonville, the plan unfolded. Instead of taking on such an enormous project, they thought it wise to learn the relaxation and rejuvenation end of it - hence the first business, Trompe L’oeil Aveda Concept Salon and Spa, which opened in 1994.

For the next several years, Ralph and Sheri began to make their dream a reality. First, they felt it absolutely necessary to have adequate space for people to learn and practice ballroom dancing, and they felt it necessary for lessons to be affordable, with no contracts involved. Second, they felt the need for people to have an escape from day-to-day stress. With these things in mind, and while in pursuit to find the perfect space, they found an old furniture building.

After three long years of transformation, Boleros opened its doors in April of 2000. Ralph and Sheri’s hard work and determination paid off. They are proud to say they are the first to combine a magnificent dance arena, salon and spa, dance retail center, and café all under one roof. However, Ralph and Sheri would like to point out that while they came up with the idea, they could never have done it without the support of their family and so many amazing people in their lives.

And even though they are proud of their accomplishments thus far, it does not compare to how proud they are of their greatest accomplishments of all, their son Tyler and their daughter Rachel.


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